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Imagination - is just the beginning

Hervey Bay Day Care & Respite Centre are excited to provide tailored services to all our friends that visit Lonsdale House; we recognise that each of us is different, each with individual strengths and areas that we would like to grow. At Hervey Bay Day Care & Respite Centre Inc we support each individual goal and every unique thing that makes us special.

" I am just like everyone else, only different" - author unknown.

We provide support to people accessing services under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, NDIS- National Disability Insurance Scheme and under a fee for service model.  


We have listened to the needs in our community and aligned our services to meet these. We work under a framework that is flexible and adaptable to change as we understand that peoples goals change as do their support needs and interests.

To keep up with the changes needed to support our lovely friends at Lonsdale House; we welcome feedback from our clients, community, family, stakeholders and our team and include these ideas in our planning meetings.

All our friends at Lonsdale House, form part of our Client Committee Meeting, these meetings are held monthly and capture new ideas for activities, fun days and support needs! Our service offerings have expanded since the introduction of NDIS and will continue to grow in line with the needs of our community. These services include;

  •       Assist Personal Activities

  •       Group/Centre Activities

  •       Participate Community

  •       Personal Activities High.


Our hours of service for Group Based Support now extends to 4pm Monday to Friday; this offers more opportunity for our friends to build their social networks and individual capacity.

Our hours of service for 1-1 support services are developed upon individual client need and include, afternoon, nights, weekends and public holidays.!


Our location and facilities are ideal in providing many services alongside each other, this allows choice for the people we support, opportunity to learn new things, opportunity to develop new activities and socialise with friends.

Hervey Bay Day Care & Respite Centre Inc is truly led by the people that access our services; we offer an environment that encourages dreams, goals and empowers each person to share their voice.

We are not driven to be the biggest provider in our local region, we are committed to providing personalised services that are needed by the people we support, families, carers and stakeholders. We strive to deliver excellence in all that we do and maintain the specialised services needed in our community.

We love sharing some snapshots of our time we get to share with our amazing people, please locate our gallery to view our memories.



Operational Hours

9am to 4pm - weekdays

1:1 ratio support available;

Outside of operational hours including



Public holidays

11 Fairway Dr, Urraween QLD 4655, Australia